October 13 2015

61 points in 31 games. On October 20th, 2015 the 60 offensive point threshold was broken by Michael Enz in less than two regular high school varsity soccer seasons.

On October 20th 2015, Williamsburg Christian Academy High School Senior Michael Enz reached a milestone that most 4 year high school soccer players strive to achieve.
Michael has contributed more than 60 points during his Junior and Senior year playing high school varsity soccer for the Williamsburg Christian Academy’s Varsity Soccer Team.
Michael’s most recent accomplishment is truly noteworthy when one takes into account that the Tidewater Metro Conference playoffs that begin on the 27th of October remain in Michael’s 2015 senior season.
This, coupled with the fact that Michael has (thus far) only been able to play in 11 out of 15 high school games for the “Eagles” Varsity Soccer Team during the 2015-16 season, causes one to likewise realize what this young man has been able to achieve in a very short time frame.
Congratulations, to him, his family and the Gloucester Community for producing such an exceptional athlete!   

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