January 25 2015

About Me


God has blessed me with a solid foundation and in so many other ways.  I am truly thankful for the many people that have positively impacted my life and the opportunities I have had to do the same for others.

My home is in Gloucester Virginia which is located just north of Yorktown across the York River.  I have been raised here by my mother and father along with my two older sisters who have now both graduated from college.

I thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and the many sports / recreational activities throughout the changing seasons.  At age two, I began hunting, fishing and trapping with my grandfather.  Ever since that time, I have shared his love and respect for the outdoors.

Although soccer has been my passion since age four, my parents have always encouraged me to experience other things in life.  This has allowed me to discover many things about myself and to better understand that nothing in life should be taken for granted.  I have listed a few items below that have contributed to my self discovery.

  • Youth group activities with my church.
  • Martial Arts Training.
  • Service obligation & responsibility to community.
  • Guitar lessons and playing.
  • Seeing & experiencing NASCAR from the inside out.
  • Overcoming personal adversity and the loss of one you love.
  • Self education through research.
  • Sign Language.
  • Better understanding the diversity of people.
  • Experiencing other sports: baseball, running, weight training, volleyball, basketball, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, biking, shooting, riding dirt bikes and fitness events with the U.S. Navy SEALS.
  • Better understanding the true meaning and value of Team Work.

I hope this provides a bit more insight on who I am and what I am about.  I will leave you with a “belief” that was shared with me by my father.


“A short time after a person departs this earth, it will not matter how much money they had, the size of the house they lived in or what kind of car they drove.  What will truly matter is the time they took and the effort they made to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”